A Beacon of hope

the mobile phone just got a new lifesaving feature

In a world where almost everyone carries a mobile phone, a new way of locating missing persons in remote areas from airplane or helicopter has become not only possible, but simple and effective!

NORRIS can locate mobile phones from any country, phone company or brand automatically.

The system provides a complete airborne Mobile Phone/GSM service allowing you to scan a very large search area fast and efficiently for missing persons carrying a mobile phone.

All that is needed is for their mobile phone to be turned on.

Once communication is established, NORRIS can be used to locate the mobile phone with high accuracy.

System design

Keeping it simple.

NORRIS automatically listens for the lost Mobile Phone during a search mission. Suggested flight path is continuously recalculated to optimize the effect of the search based on incoming data.


Measurement data and location estimates are presented graphically to the system operators onboard the aircraft. All calculations are done in near real-time and are immediatelly available to the crew.


Convenient and rugged, the NORRIS carrying case is easy to transport and simple to operate. The system is controlled by an iPad while extra iPads can be used for increased operational awareness for the entire flight crew.


Designed in cooperation with the Icelandic Coast Guard, DOA certified and tested on-board Aerospatiale Super Puma AS-332L1 helicopters over grassland, lava fields, snow and ice covered mountains, waters and glaciers of various shapes and sizes.

About US

We design & develop quality products that can save lives.
Dream it, make it, use it.

Rogg Corporation was founded in Iceland in 1993. We help companies and individuals grow with solutions based on proper application of technology. Our headquarters are located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Rogg Corporation has distributors, resellers and affiliates all over the world.

We don't just dream of solutions - we really make them. In 2012 we started designing and implementing the NORRIS system. Today we have a unique and powerful solution that can be used to save lives.

  • Icelandic Coast Guard


Take advantage of the fact that people carry their mobile phones with them almost everywhere today.
Quick start

Quickly start a thorough search for any Mobile Phone.

Cover a large search area

Scan a radius of up to 35 km (22 miles) from your current location.

Significantly narrow ground search area

Narrow the ground search area to the size of a soccer or football field.

Graphical interface

Location estimate is displayed graphically on a moving map in real-time on-board the helicopter or airplane.

Minimize cost

Reduce manpower and equipment needed to perform ground search, minimizing risk and greatly reducing cost of search operations.


Bi-directional voice or SMS communication with the Mobile Phone on the ground allows SAR teams to coordinate with, instruct and ease the mind of a lost person during search and rescue.

Multiple frequency bands

Available for GSM 850/900/1800 and 1900 MHz bands.

No matter the weather

Search capability is generally not affected by weather or visibility.

Manufactured by Rogg in Iceland. Want more information ?